M. Mandia Fruit & Groceries. 1931. Toronto, Ontario.

Michael Mandia was my maternal granduncle. The younger brother of my grandmother, Rose Lima, he was born on November 11, 1902 in Ottawa, Ontario.

Their father, Antonino Mandia was born on May 4, 1873 in Termini Imerese, Sicily. He married Giuseppa Bova on January 31, 1898. Rose was born on September 14, 1898. Antonino emigrated to Canada via Ellis Island, New York, USA on April 20, 1899.

Rose emigrated to Canada with her mother and a baby sister on June 26, 1900 via Ellis Island, New York, USA. They joined Antonino who’d settled in Ottawa, Ontario. Antonino and Giuseppa had twelve more children.

Michael Mandia married Josephine Bova on February 24, 1925. Josephine was born on December 24, 1905 in Ottawa, Ontario. The following three documents confirm the marriage.

The first two documents are from the Ontario, Canada Catholic Church Records Drouin Collection. 1802-1967.


Marriages, In the Year of Our Lord, 1925. Note # 20. Mandia, Michael. Josephine Bova.

Note Page 407. M. 20. Mandia & Bova. The third document is the Ontario Marriage License.

Note the Registrar General Stamp. Ontario. Received Feb. 26, 1925. Shortly after their marriage, Michael and Josephine Bova moved to Toronto, Ontario where Rose and her husband, Pietro Lima lived. They had three children.

Top Row: Left to Right: Rose and Pietro Lima. Josephine and Michael Mandia. Circa 1947. Toronto, Ontario.
They operated M. Mandia Fruit and Groceries Store on Bathurst Street near Du Pont Street. Michael Mandia died on November 12, 1959 in Toronto and his wife, Josephine on August 7, 1998.