I cherish this made-in-Italy figurine. Wedding gift to my parents. July 23, 1947.

What do you think constitute memorabilia?

a). a piece of jewellery

b). an ornament

c). photographs

d). cards and/or letters

e). collectables such as coins, stamps, old books, etc.

f). set of dishes

g). an artifact

Quite simply, memorabilia refers to objects cherished for various reasons. Perhaps, the person to whom they belong associates them with a family member, distant relative, ancestor, friend or event. They may hold sentimental and/or historical significance.

People often inherit memorabilia. Provenance refers to the chronology of ownership of an item. Understanding the provenance of memorabilia as well as the reason for its value are important components in genealogical research. Learning how to preserve and store heirlooms is also vital.

With respect to the list, all constitute examples of memorabilia.

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I have included three photos of cherished family memorabilia and would welcome learning about yours.


My late father’s stopwatch from when he served as a Petty Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War Two.

1960s letter from relatives in Calabria, southern Italy to my late Grandfather in Canada.

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