Ann Cleeves and The Shetland Islands, Scotland

Scotland map

Shetland Islands are 209 km/130 miles north of mainland at 60.52 north latitude.

My husband and I explored Scotland to learn more about his ancestral roots. As part of our adventure, we travelled to the following Scottish islands: Isle of Iona, Isle of Mull, Isle of Lewis, Orkney Islands and The Shetland Islands.
Ann Cleeves was born in the County of Herefordshire, England. She is the author of a series of crime novels featuring Detective Inspector, Jimmy

Perez set in The Shetland Islands. Of the 100 islands, our guide informed us that 16 are inhabited. The total population is approximately 23,000 with about 7,000 living in Lerwick, the main port. The fictional Jimmy Perez lives in Lerwick and we toured it whilst there.

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Guide said that this is the home of the fictional Jimmy Perez in Lerwick.

Lerwick Town Hall. Tower 1883. Beautiful stone buildings in por

Sailing out of Lerwick into North Sea to Scottish mainland.

Sheep farms. Port of Lerwick.