Staying connected with friends was easier when everyone attended a one-room schoolhouse. I took this picture in 1979 when my sister, Barbara, and I went to Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Yangtze River

One of the men steering our wooden sampan up Shennong Stream (Yangtze River) in south eastern China took a break to make a call on his cellphone.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Are you a member of any social networking sites?
  2.  Are you a member of any social networking sites related to genealogical research?
  3.  Do you belong to online groups focused on genealogical research?
  4. Do you participate in online discussions that can help you link to your past?
  5. Do you consult online message boards and post your unanswered questions on them?

“YES” answers show how social networking can solve your family mysteries.

Here are a few specific examples.

Would These Questions Help Solve Your Family Mysteries?

  1. Where can I find church records of baptism for towns in central Tuscany from 1600 to 1800?
  2. I am a descendant of the Andreoli and Spagnuolo families from Cosenza province in Calabria. Does anyone recognize these names from their family tree?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform with discussion groups related to genealogical research. These questions are similar to those posted in the Italian Genealogy and Calabria Genealogy groups that I am a member of because they reflect my Italian/Calabrian genealogical interests.

Join LinkedIn and find your connections!

Was Anyone In Your Italian-Canadian Family An Enemy Alien In World War Two?

Piazza Navona, Rome

Some people still use paper mail to stay connected. This red postal box in Piazza Navona, Rome underneath a floral draped balcony made a pretty picture.

31,000 Italian-Canadians were classified “Enemy Aliens” by the Canadian Government after Italy declared war on Great Britain and her allies during World War Two. 600 were also interned in various camps.

“Italian Canadians as Enemy Aliens: Memories of World War Two” was a research project recently funded by the Canadian government for educational purposes. This subject is related to my genealogical research and by joining their Facebook Group; I networked with others and gained valuable information.

Get what you need on Facebook!

Are You Looking For A Lost Relative?

If so, a request for information on Message Boards like those available at may be useful. Go to the homepage. Click on “Collaborate.” Select country or topic. Chose a board. Read the threads. Look at the comments. Post your question.

“I am looking for Caterina Andreoli. She left Mottafollone, Calabria, Italy in 1912. Does anyone know anything about her?”

That’s all it takes to begin!

Why Finding Others Like You Will Advance Your Genealogical Research.

1). Who was the starting point in your genealogical research?

2). What broad category can you apply to define your research?

My Calabrian paternal Nana Caterina was mine and joining IL CIRCOLO CALABRESE, an online organization devoted to the study and history of Calabria, has helped solve some family secrets. A membership fee must be purchased and a username and password is required to access the website, A member listing provides networking opportunities and an online store makes Calabrian-related products including books available. There are myriad discussion groups with subjects related to Calabrian history, culture, language and genealogy as well as links to member websites. The organization also has a Facebook Page and is represented on LinkedIn with a dedicated discussion group.

Find your online community!

How has social networking helped solve your family mysteries? I’d welcome your comments.

Communication has changed dramatically in a short time and my photos celebrate different ways we’ve stayed connected. I hope you enjoy them.

Remington typewriter

Remington typewriter I wrote my first stories on a Remington typewriter like this that my father brought home when I was in high school.

Chocolate shop in Bariloche, Argentina

Cell phones are everywhere! Even in a chocolate shop in Bariloche, Argentina.

Mercado San Miguel in Madrid, Spain

Mercado San Miguel in Madrid, SpainYou need connections to solve family mysteries. Socializing like these people at the Mercado San Miguel in Madrid, Spain will help you find answers.