Our Northern Ontario home is situated on a part of the Canadian Shield known as the Ontario Shield. Summers are short and warm and winters, long and cold here. There are countless varieties of Wildflowers on our country property that bloom from early spring to late autumn. Wandering through the wooded areas and along the shores of the St. Mary’s River that drains Lake Superior has become a favourite past-time.

I have posted a few pictures of the Wildflowers that I have photographed. I have downloaded a Plant Identification App on my mobile phone. A friend has also gifted me the following book:

The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) Field Guide to wildflowers in Ontario

Timothy Dickinson, Deborah Metsger, Jenny Hill and Richard Dickinson

I hope you enjoy these pictures. Do you have any to share?

Pink Wild Roses grow along the sandy shores of the St. Mary’s River in June.

Clusters of the yellow-disk long-stemmed Fleabane flower are lovely to photograph.

Part of the Milkwort family, the Fringed Polygala has petal-like wings.

Dainty yet hardy, Yellow Violets bloom from May to August.

The solitary Lady Slipper belongs to the Orchid family.