Mackinac Island Map

Getting to Mackinac Island.

As an author, I am always on the hunt for interesting locales to set my writing. Over the years, I have often visited Mackinac Island with friends. It has proven a delightful place with myriad experiences and I’ve added it to the list of potential sites for future stories. This blog offers insight as to my reasons why.

Why Mackinac Island

In the past, I’ve joyed at the sight of lush gardens; admired old buildings; learned the history of Fort Mackinac; awed at breath-taking lake and sky vistas; inhaled the sweet fragrance of Lilac blossoms and marveled at the flower’s kaleidoscope of colors; hiked the island rim; walked the roads; pedaled the paths; climbed 200 plus steps; relaxed on a horse-drawn carriage ride; held a moment of silence in Ste. Anne’s Catholic Cemetery; wandered under the shadows of ancient pines; scouted homes and cottages perched high on bluffs; gobbled creamy fudge; and shopped for unique gifts in quaint stores on a labyrinth of streets.

Ferry infront of bridge

Ferrying to the island with the Mackinac Bridge in the background.

A Writer’s Muse

Whilst at Mackinac Island, I’ve penned ideas, imagined scenes, contrived conflicts, invented plots, sketched descriptions, coined characters, dreamed costumes, styled hair, hummed musical scores and drafted dialogue.

As a result, I envision at least one segment of a novel at Mackinac Island. Whether the genre historical fiction like The Inheritance or a tale of dark suspense similar my work-in-progress, I am uncertain.

The book, however, will explore family mysteries, reflect the twists and turns of unexpected genealogical research discoveries and, of course, occur during the month of June when the Lilacs are at their zenith.

A Few Facts About Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is situated at the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac in Lake Huron. It is located in the state of Michigan in the United States of America. A popular tourist area, there are approximately 500 permanent residents. The island is a National Historic Landmark and 80%, a state park. For the most, motorized vehicles are prohibited; ferries from the mainland provide daily service from May to October and there is an island airport.

For Further Information

What place has captivated you? I’d welcome your comments. I hope you enjoy my photographs.


June, when the Lilacs are at their peak, is my favourite time to visit.


Horse-drawn carriage rides.

Horse-drawn carriage rides.