The Falkland Islands are approximately three hundred miles/four hundred and eighty-three kilometres east of South America and seven hundred and fifty miles/twelve hundred kilometres north of Antarctica. The Southern Atlantic archipelago includes seven hundred plus islands. It is a British overseas territory with an estimated population of three thousand. Designated the capital in 1845, Port Stanley is on East Falkland island and has fifteen hundred inhabitants.

My husband and I visited Port Stanley twice during our South American travels. I felt that it might serve as an interesting setting for part of a novel. Hence, I took numerous photographs should I decide to pursue the idea. I hope you enjoy the few that I have posted.

It was a twenty minute tender ride from our anchored cruise ship to the pier.

Kerosene tanks provide fuel to heat homes. A few use peat as pictured here.

Consecrated in 1892, Christ Church Cathedral is the world’s southernmost Anglican cathedral.

Residence of London-appointed governor since the mid-19th century.

Houses have tin roofs. Families have their own greenhouses. Limited satellite internet.

We visited the Penguin colony at Bluff Cove Lagoon in the north.