Calabria is a southern Italian region.

My father’s parents were born in Calabria, a southern Italian region. They immigrated to Canada via Ellis Island, New York, USA in the 1900s and settled in Northern Ontario. My late Nonna and late father were avid gardeners. According to them, Peonies represented a happy marriage.


Peonies were a constant in our family’s flowerbeds. I remember my father giving my mother cuttings from his garden every summer. We planted a shrub in my home twenty plus years ago.

After my father’s death, I brought my mother Peonies from my garden. My mother has passed away, too so I now lay Peonies on their graves. I hope you enjoy these photos.


My late parents, Arnold Joseph Perri-Perry and Dorothy Anne Lima. July 23, 1947 wedding day.

My father gave my mother a set of China on their first anniversary. Note the Peony bloom.

This pair of Peonies reminds me of my late mother and father.