Ethereal swans captivated us at the Seventeenth Century Royal Residence in Munich. With a population of 1.2 million, the city is the insurance capital of Germany.

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Hansel and Gretel House

The Passion Play has been performed in Oberammergau every ten years since 1634. The town is also famous for the Luftmalerei painting technique as evidenced on the Hansel and Gretel House.

As explained in Part One of this blog series, travel is intrinsic to my writing and my stories are set in places I have explored. The Inheritance, a historical fiction, occurs from 1897 to 1913 in Calabria, southern Italy, a region where I have travelled on two occasions.


These particular photographs are from a June 2014 trip to Germany and, like those I took in Italy for The Inheritance, they may represent material for a future project. When I snap pictures, I select a diverse range of subjects. Some may mirror the physical landscape while others reflect an emotion, seize a mood, record a pivotal event, define a cultural tradition, capture a natural phenomenon, pose a question, raise a possibility or represent a character type.

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Sauerkraut spaetzle sausage

A scrumptious meal in Munich: sausage. spaetzle and sauerkraut.


Stone walls, half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets and intricate linden wood carvings in St. Jakobus Kirche awaited us in the medieval town of Rothenburg on the River Tauber.


The Aagland horseless carriage in Prichsenstadt was a novel adventure. Powered by electric charged batteries lasting eight to ten hours, we motored through open fields at a leisurely pace.


[nz_sep top=”20″ bottom=”20″ width=”” height=”” type=”solid” color=”#e0e0e0″ align=”left” /]I prefer casual, random and informal pictures as opposed to those that have been staged. In general, I have found photographs a valuable aid in helping me shape the words to tell my story. As a result, they are fundamental to my writing process. I hope you enjoy these pictures.
What type of photographs interest you? I’d welcome your comments.

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Dachau Concentration Camp

A reflective moment at Dachau Concentration Camp located about ten miles northwest of Munich.


Wandering through a market, watching the Glockenspeil in Marienplatz and experiencing first-hand the Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall proved enjoyable in Munich.


Resplendent flowers, lush vines, a colourful palette and Rothenburg’s sweet Schneeballen desserts made out time here pleasant.