Perfect photo opportunities at Lake Constance in the foothills of the Alps.

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Frankfurt am Main Romerberg

Frankfurt is the business and financial center of Germany. Lively music in Romerberg, the historic central square, was entertaining.

Travel is intrinsic to my writing and I only pen stories in places I’ve explored. The Inheritance, a historical fiction inspired by genealogical research to solve family mysteries about my paternal grandmother, is set in Calabria, southern Italy from 1897 to 1913. The action unfolds primarily in Cetraro, an old coastal fishing village on the Tyrrhenian Sea that I have visited twice. Naples and Rome, Italy are secondary locations and represent other spots where I have also spent time.

When I travel, I maintain a daily itinerary, take photographs and collect resources, which I later organize and compile into binders for current and future projects. I first travelled to Italy in the mid-1970s and referred to materials I’d gathered back then when I began the initial draft of The Inheritance. I have found photographs in particular a great aid when I work at writing passages to describe scenery and create atmosphere with the intent of drawing the reader into a world I have imagined.

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I went to Germany in June 2014 and this is the first of three blogs that will feature some of my photographs. Will they someday serve as resource material for my writing? Most likely, I believe. I hope you enjoy them.
How has travel impacted your life? I’d welcome your comments.



Some visited the Medieval Torture Museum while others strolled, shopped and dined along Drosselgasse Lane in the wine town of Rudesheim.

Hotel-Trauble Tonbach, Black Forest

Spectacular views from the Hotel Traube Tonbach situated in the Black Forest, southwestern Germany.

Cruise in the Rhine River Valley

We sailed by vineyards, castle ruins and old fortifications on our Rhine Rive Valley cruise.

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Heidelberg Schloss Medieval Castle

Heidelberg is home to Germany’s oldest university and Heidelberg Schloss, a medieval castle.

Pudelstein Hut Dinner Festivities

Activities including hiking, a cooking class and dinner with fun games at the pudelstein hut.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Built by Bavarian King Ludwig 11, Neuschwanstein Castle above Hohenschwangau was the inspiration for the castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.