Taking an exotic vacation at a place like the Princess Cays in the Bahamas seems to be something most people would like to do.

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Buenos Aires Argentina

Would you like to redecorate your house with handmade wooden furniture like that sold at the market in Tigre, a town north of Buenos Aires in Argentina?

Which of the following best describes you?

a). My children are adults and I now have time to focus on my life.
b). I’m nearing retirement and beginning to think about what I’m going to do next.
c). I’ve been reassessing my life and figuring out what I want to do while I’m healthy.
d). I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet!
e). Why am I still letting fear hold me back?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, you’re ready to start making your bucket list.

Did you like Jack and Morgan, too?

The Bucket List was a 2007 comedy film written by Justin Zackham, directed by Rob Reiner and starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Since the release of the movie, the term “bucket list” has become a popular idiom generally accepted as referring to a list of one’s life goals to accomplish before death.

Realizing your dreams is important. Time passes quickly and compiling a bucket list can help you get started.


Learning about India was important to me and the reason I recently travelled there.

Are any of these on your bucket list?

While traveling the past few years, I’ve noted some of the reasons why people have taken trips. Here’s a selection of them.

  1. My husband and I had planned to visit Greece when he retired but he died last year so I came here for both of us.
  2. We didn’t have any money for a honeymoon so we promised ourselves we’d celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in Paris, France.
  3. The doctors said I’d never walk again after my car accident so I visualized The Great Wall of China while I recuperated and came here today to prove that I could do anything.
  4. I’m gradually losing my sight and wanted to see Spain before I went blind.
  5. My goal is to visit every continent and after Asia, all I have left is Antarctica.
  6. My grandparents were born near London, England and I came here to learn more about my roots.
  7. I’m healthy now so I’m travelling.
  8. I want to fill my passport with as many different stamps as possible.
  9. I wanted to eat Italian food in Italy.
  10. I’m celebrating a special birthday and I bought myself a Mediterranean cruise.

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Publishing The Inheritance was on my bucket list. What’s on yours? I’d welcome your comments?

I hope you enjoy my photographs.

Zurich, Switzerland

These woman in Zurich, Switzerland reminded me that many want to reconnect with friends from their past.

Sea World polar bears in San Diego

Are you interested in seeing Polar Bears in their natural habitat in addition to those at Sea World Adventure Park, San Diego, California?

Winter Lake in Ontario

Perhaps finding the peace and serenity captured in this winter photograph is something you desire.

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Great Wall of China

Most of the men and women I met on my trip to China had wanted to walk The Great Wall before they were too old!

Venice, Italy

Was spending more time with family and friends like these people sharing a meal in Venice, Italy on your list?