Though the purpose of Stonehenge remains a mystery, the circle monument serves as a place of worship and meditation for many.

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Reticulated Giraffes form Samburu, Kenya, Africa

These Reticulated Giraffes from Samburu Reserve, Kenya, East Africa display a rare geometric pattern and represent my love of nature.

Please answer the following questions.

  1. Where do you retreat to re-energize your spirit?
  2. What place gives your body and soul permission to rest?
  3. Where do you turn when you feel overwhelmed?
  4. Where do you nurture your ideas and explore your limits?
  5. Where do you honour your inspiration and unleash your potential?
  6. Do you have a sanctuary where your imagination feels safe and respected?
  7. Do you have a spot that resonates with serenity and calm?
  8. Do you have a refuge that encourages you to take risks and learn from your mistakes without fear of ridicule or chastisement?
  9. Where do you celebrate who you are and what you have accomplished?
  10. Where do you dream?

A complicated life is one of the connections we share. Each of us has many roles that come with numerous and often conflicting responsibilities. In order to stay mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually strong, we must honour our need for rest and revitalization. Balance is integral to health and having a sacred place will help us achieve this goal.

Beijing, China

I was blessed to visit a calligrapher’s sacred place in Beijing, China.

A writer`s sacred place.

Writing a book is a messy process. There is no foolproof recipe or guaranteed approach. Some authors prepare a complete outline before beginning the first chapter whereas others follow the lead of a character they have created. Regardless of the strategy chosen, however, every book is the result of many drafts, edits and revisions. Like most books, The Inheritance took several years to write and the final version bears only minimal resemblance to the first.

Writers are different people but they are connected by a need to be self-disciplined and a willingness to spend innumerable hours alone in order to achieve their goal. A writer`s motivation cannot be based on monetary reward, critical acclaim or mass readership. Even though most writers would welcome this kind of success, only the minority will ever achieve it.

Why then do writers write? I will only speak for myself and tell you that I wrote The Inheritance to honour a lifelong dream. It is a response, however, that I imagine most writers would share.

My life as a writer is complicated for it is not my only role nor is writing books my sole responsibility. Family continues to be my priority and my commitments as a wife, daughter, mother, sister, godmother, aunt and cousin often conflict with my writing. Nevertheless, I have made a commitment to honour my writing in this chapter of my life and have dedicated a den in my home as a sacred place.

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Where do you nurture your dreams? What sacred place helps you stay balanced and healthy? I’d welcome your comments.

I hope you enjoy these photographs. They reflect what is sacred to me.

Sedona, Arizona

The whimsical shapes of the red rocks in Sedona, Arizona are absolutely magical.

St. Petersburg, Russia

The Heritage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia has a great art collection. The word means “place to be alone” and I have a sign on our home that says “Our Hermitage.”

Winter sunset

This beautiful March sunset reflects my need for quiet reflection and the importance of giving thanks for the gift of every day.