I layered my fleece jacket over my nylon windbreaker and cotton t-shirt the morning I went to the Ganges River in Varanasi, India. The shoulder strap on my purse ensured its safety and made taking pictures easy.

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  • Badaling section of the Great Wall of Chia

    I was glad I had on my running shoes when I walked the Badaling section of The Great Wall of China.

    Do you enjoy carrying around several pieces of heavy luggage?

  • Do you like travel clothes that wrinkle and require ironing before wearing?
  • Do you mind paying expensive hotel laundry charges?
  • Do you want to dress attractively and comfortably on your trip?
  • Do you think it`s a good idea to be prepared for sudden weather changes?

Travelling is expensive in terms of money and time. Itineraries are usually hectic and packing wisely for your trip can maximize your enjoyment.

Authenticity is important to me as a writer and my books are set in places I have explored. Regardless of where I travel, I regard each trip as an opportunity to research, explore and learn about another place and culture. Experience has helped me develop successful travel wardrobe tips and here’s a few of them.

Marianne in Great Goose Pagoda in Xi'an China

My washable high UPF rated travel hat and roll-up blouse helped protect me from too much sun exposure at the Great Goose Pagoda in Xi’an, China.

7 Travel Wardrobe Tips

  1. I build my wardrobe around tan and black. Everything has to match both colours or it stays home.
  2. My clothes are multi-purposed. I use accessories such as belts, scarves and inexpensive costume jewellery to maximize the number of times and occasions I wear them. I also use the “rule of three.” If I can’t wear an item at least three times, it stays home.
  3. I wear travel blouses with pockets and roll-up sleeves and convertible-length pants during the day that have a good UPF rating and are also hand washable. I bring laundry detergent with me, wash my clothes in our hotel room at night and they are dry long before morning. I do not iron.
  4. I wear my running shoes on the airplane and pack black leather loafers and dressy black sandals.
  5. I wear a zippered fleece jacket with pockets on the airplane and pack my nylon windbreaker and a black cardigan sweater. Layering these items over blouses or t-shirts gives me extra warmth and rain protection as needed.
  6. I carry a waterproof multi-compartment zippered black purse and anchor its shoulder strap across my chest. This keeps the purse safe and enables me to pull my luggage or take photographs. I also bring a slim evening purse.
  7. I buy wrinkle-resistant clothes and either roll everything up or pack them in tissue paper. I arrange my clothes in layers according to need and put dirty laundry in a plastic bag in my suitcase’s exterior compartment. Tucking in a sheet of fabric softener until it is time to wash is a good idea, too.

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What are your tips for a successful travel wardrobe? I’d welcome your comments.

I hope you enjoy the photographs I’ve posted.

Marianne in Venice, Italy

These are my favourite quick-drying washable tan pants. Their convertible length made it easy to adjust to changing temperatures in Venice, Italy.

Marianne on Yangzi River, China tour

This washable nylon windbreaker kept me dry and warm on a three-day Yangzi River cruise one cool and drizzly afternoon in southwest China.

Marianne on Yangzi River, China

My husband was glad that I’d packed a poncho for him in my purse, too, when it started to rain on our Yangzi River in southwest China.