I bought Rankin’s 1995 novel, Let It Bleed in Edinburgh. A cherished souvenir!

My husband and I travelled throughout Scotland to learn more about his ancestral roots. As part of our adventure, we spent time in the capital city of Edinburgh. Located on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, it has a population of approximately 500,000. Our guide informed us that the city was founded prior to the 7th century AD. The introductory photo of the Salisbury

We browsed through the annual Book Sale at St. Andrew’s and St. George’s West Church.

Crags shows the rocky cliffs overlooking Royal Holyrood Park in central Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle is visible in the distance.



For information on Edinburgh:

We are fans of the Scottish crime novelist, Ian Rankin. Born in Cardenden, Fife, his Inspector Rebus series is primarily set in Edinburgh. Exploring the city helped us better imagine the fictional word that the masterful Ian Rankin continues to create. He penned his first Inspector Rebus novel, Knots and Crosses in 1987 and most current, In A House Of Lies, 2018.

For information on Ian Rankin: www.ianrankin.net

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I hope you enjoy my photos.

This is the Edinburgh map that I marked while reading Let It Bleed.

Edinburgh Castle. Views of New Town. Central part of city built 1767-1850.

Edinburgh Castle on Castle Rock. Since 12th century. Overlooking historic Grassmarket area.

Visited The National Records of Scotland for genealogical research. Nrsotland.gov.uk.