Pietrina Lima and Joseph Ignoffo. Circa 1940. San Franscisco, California.

Pietrina Lima was the older sister of my maternal grandfather, Pietro Lima; hence, my grandaunt. She was born on April 5,1887 in Trabia, Sicily.

Joseph Ignoffo was born on September 1, 1879 in Trabia, Sicily. He emigrated to the USA on June 11, 1893 and was naturalized on September 3, 1902. Joseph worked as a shoemaker in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Joseph returned to Italy on September 18, 1902 and stayed in Trabia for two months during which time he married Pietrina Lima. Joseph applied for a passport on January 3, 1903 at the USA Embassy in Rome, Italy. He intended to return to the USA and live there with his wife. The passport was approved on January 8, 1903 and the couple emigrated to the USA.

Pietrina Lima and Joseph Ignoffo settled in Marion, Ohio. Their son, Antonio was born in 1909. They moved to San Jose, Santa Clara, California. Their son, Salvador was born in 1916 and John Joseph, in 1919. Antonio died in 1922.


Pietrina Lima died on January 2, 1942 in San Francisco, California. According to cemetery records posted in this blog, she succumbed to bronchial pneumonia at Stanford Hospital. Joseph Ignoffo died on April 5, 1964. They were buried in the J. Ignoffo Chapel in the Italian Cemetery, Colma, California. Their son, Anthony was also buried there.

Joseph Ignoffo’s passport application. (U.S., Passport Applications. 1795-192.)

Top row and Left: Pietrina Lima, son Anthony and husband, Joseph Ignoffo. California 1920.

Cemetery Records for J. Ignoffo Chapel. Block 61. Lot 1.

J. Ignoffo Chapel. Colma, California.