How about looking at “G” for Greece on Cyndi’s List and see if there’s any information on Santorini Island that will help solve your family mysteries?

First of all, who do you think Cyndi is? Check one of the following:

  1. The American singer and songwriter, Cyndi Lauper.
  2. The American supermodel, Cindy Crawford.
  3. One of the stars of Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixon.
  4. The American actress from Laverne and Shirley, Cindy Williams.
  5. The woman from Puyallup, Washington who launched Cyndi’s List, a comprehensive online genealogy research site, in 1996.

The correct answer is #5!

Cyndi’s list,, is a categorized and cross-referenced index to genealogical resources available on the Internet. It has over 300,000 links and is free to access. You can begin your search by simply clicking on one of the letters of the alphabet listed on the homepage.

Flying to Queenstown, New Zealand

Why not find links that make it necessary for you to fly to Queenstown, New Zealand and continue your genealogical research?

10 Steps That Will Link You To The World

Cyndi’s List has tremendous potential in helping solve your family mysteries. Here’s an abbreviated example of how the site works.

    1. Click “I” in the alphabet. (This reflects my interest in Italian genealogy.)
    2. The following categories appear. The number of links is indicated plus the date last updated:

a). Iceland Island (78 links)
b). Immigration and Naturalization (483 links)
c). Intellectual Property (47)
d). Internet Genealogy (50)
e). Italy/Italia (378 links)

  1. Click “Italy/Italia.”
  2. A listing of 378 different links appear, which include the following:
  3. a). Birth, Marriage, Death.
    b). History and Culture.
    c). Immigration and Naturalization.
    d). Military.
    e). Queries, Message Boards and Surname Lists.
  4. Click on “Birth, Marriage, Death.”
  5. A listing of several categories appear, which include the following:
  6. a). From
    b). Italy Church Record Baptism 1886 –Present
    c). Samples of Italian Birth Certificates.
  7. Click on “Samples of Italian Birth Certificates.”
  8. You will be directed to the website:
  9. Click on one of the icons. The one I selected generated an image of 1858 document.
  10. I then printed the 1858 birth certificate free of charge from my computer.

Do You Like To Shop?

There is a good Genealogy Store on this site and purchases can be made directly. Books are available in categories such as: Genealogy in Fiction, Military, Organizational Tools, Children’s Books, Kindle for Genealogy, UK and Ireland Research and Genealogy at a Glance.

Are You Interested In Connecting With Your Roots?

There are countless genealogy mailing lists available on this site and I found several that might be helpful in solving my Calabrian family mysteries. Here’s how I found them.

1). Click on “I” then “Internet Genealogy.”

2). Click on “Internet-Specific Research Tools” then “Mailing Lists.”

3). Review the categories and continue to refine your search.

Have you used Cyndi’s List in your genealogical research? Has Cyndi’s List help solve your family mysteries? I’d welcome your comments.

Cyndi’s List can take you anywhere in the world and my photographs reflect a few possible destinations.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has been a popular destination for a long time. Do you have any connections in the area that you need to follow up?

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

I imagine that you could even find information on the southernmost post office in the world located in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina on Cyndi’s List.

Iguazu Falls

Do you think there’s any genealogical information linked to Iguazu Falls, the largest complex of waterfalls in the world on Cyndi’s List? Why don’t you let me know!